As part of the project, Roots of Rondo: Black Artists Rising, we are compiling information about community organizations, businesses, groups and projects/efforts in/connected to the Rondo community. This is an imperfect and changing list. If you have additions please use this form to submit information or email/call Peter Haakon Thompson

You are not required to collaborate with organizations/businesses on this list, they are here as a starting point if needed. Also-- all of the biz/orgs on this list are potentially open to collaborating-- there are a few (indicated in the first column) that we have been able to ask directly, but please reach out to any of them. 

Download a PDF version of this list here--Roots of Rondo resources list

Rondo Resources March 2016
Roots of Rondo Resource List
Roots of Rondo Resource List
Note: this is not a perfect or exhaustive list; send additions to
Have been contacted and are open to artist collaboration Name and Description Website Contact info
Rondo Organizations and Projects
yes ARTS-US Using the experience of the African American culture at its core and collaborating with artist, educators, and communities of other backgrounds and cultures, ARTS-Us offers “edutainment” programs to schools, business and community environments. ARTS-Us offers workshops, cultural performances, art and art resources for educators, students, community business and civic organizations. Emily Sparling
Aurora St Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation (ASANDC) Established in 1980, ASANDC began as a community watch, and crime prevention group. Today ASANDC hosts a variety of social, economic, housing, and commercial development programs for Aurora St. Anthony, Frogtown and Summit-University residents of all ages. Nieeta Presley,
yes potential additional funding Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Inc Founded in 1929, Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Inc. is an African American, nonprofit social service agency open to all people with a primary focus on the Summit University/Historic Rondo neighborhood and the Twin Cities Metro area.   Jonathan Palmer, Executive Director (651)224-4601
Irreducible Grace ---Irreducible Grace Foundation works with vulnerable youth; especially those who are aging out of foster care or state guardianship, to become highly successful adults. We assist youth to develop/repair emotional trust in adults, while planning and achieving their college, career, and life goals. Jan Mandell (651) 226-6594
Martin Luther King Recreation Center Craft Room, Dance Studio, Fitness Center, Game Room, Gym, Meeting Room, Multi-Purpose Room, Playground, and Tennis Court
Model Cities Human Services mission: to deliver services that promote the physical, mental, spiritual, social and economic well being of individuals, families and communities and are rooted in the cultures of diverse communities. Community Development mission: to carry out community-based development that improves the quality of life and contributes to the revitalization of urban communities. Kizzy Downie
Ober Community Center provides a variety of programs for youth ages 6-18 including recreation, education and Christian spiritual development.
Oxford Community Center Jonell Lofton (651) 642-0650
Penumbra Theatre Mission: Penumbra Theatre creates professional productions that are artistically excellent, thought provoking, and relevant and illuminates the human condition through the prism of the African American experience. H. Adam Harris
Re-Verb Open Mic @ Golden Thyme-- Every Thursday, 6pm The first Thursday of every month attend a writing workshop at 4 p.m. preceding the 6 p.m. open mic. Tish Jones
yes Rondo Avenue, Inc. is a community based 501(c) 3 organization that sponsors a number of community events, workshops, annual parade and festival that seek to preserve Rondo's rich heritage for future generations while creating, rebuilding and strengthening community relationships that will facilitate educating our youth on the history of the Rondo community when families and businesses prospered through a 'village like culture' of working together and for each other. Marvin Anderson
Rondo Community Land Trust (CLT) is a community-based affordable housing land trust working to create and preserve homeownership for low to moderate-income households in Ramsey County, Minnesota. Greg Finzell
Saint Paul Almanac is a literary-centered arts organization. We share stories across cultures and cultivate dialogue to promote understanding, relationships, and collaborative action. Kimberly Nightingale
Selby Avenue Action Coalition The mission of SAAC is to implement targeted actions that support, guide and enhance the revitalization of Selby Avenue between Dale Street and Lexington Parkway. SAAC serves the commercial market along these nine blocks. Mychael Wright
Soul Tools Radio on KFAI is talk and music radio hosted by Toki Wright, Miss Brit and Reggie Reg. For a live on air interview send an email to: Soul Tools Radio is every Saturday night from 9-11pm on KFAI.
SoulTouch Productions is a television and film production, youth mentorship and media consulting company, with a mission to make meaningful media and produce powerful social impact experiences. Robin Hickman
yes The Twin Cities Radio Network is your radio station for Streaming Online Music & Talk.  Innovative programing creating a bridge to enable the twin cities to cross over into relevant communication. In the process we hope to be the station to give you the musical groove as well as well as informative talk shows that you seek. Wes--612-385-9139
Transforming Central is a volunteer-driven effort to re-design the grounds of St. Paul Central High School in order to address environmental issues, create a more welcoming entrance and usable space for the students and connect with the wider community. A welcoming plaza, seating areas, better pathways and lighting are some of the functional features of the plan. The plan also calls for art features and historical elements that tell the story of Central in a way that engages the community with this St. Paul legacy school. "Our school looks like a prison," is a common message we have heard from the students. This is a placemaking project in that it will change the perception and way the space is used. Deb Ahlquist
Walker West Music Academy is a 28 year old community music school on Selby Avenue. We create a space reflective of the African-American cultural experience for people of all ages, and backgrounds to gather explore and grow through music. DeCarlo Jackson, (651) 224-2929  
Rondo Library Mark (651) 266-7400
Ujamma Place Kedar Hickman (651) 528-8006
TLOT (Today's Leaders of Tomorrow) Yanelin Montlvo-Valdez (612) 437-2951
Other Organizations
Amherst Wilder Foundation Andy Brown (651)280-2000
Businesses in Rondo
yes, stop in to talk with owner Sawie (Saw-ee-ay)in person Earth's Beauty Supply 1453 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 (651) 644-9504
yes Arnellia's 1183 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 Mrs. Arnellia (651) 642-5975
yes, has money for mural Johnny Baby's 981 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104 Jonathan Price (651) 646-9283
yes Joi Unlimited Dr. Joi Lewis (651)JOI-4665
yes Golden Thyme Coffee Café Golden Thyme on Selby is proud to serve the most decadent and smooth coffee to the residents of the St. Paul, Minnesota area. Mychael Wright
Rondo Days—July 16, 2016 The 33rd Annual Rondo Days Celebration returns to the Rondo Education Center, 560 Concordia Avenue , Saint Paul, Minnesota 55103 Recognizing the Past, Honoring the Present, Soaring into the Future! Enjoy fun activities, food and the annual parade at the Rondo Days Celebration. The day will include the Frank Adams 5k Walk Run at 8 a.m., the Grand Day Parade at 10 a.m. Marvin Anderson
Rondo History Resources
Aurora St Anthony NDC has a great Rondo history page on their website with links
Minnesota History Center page on Rondo/I94 History
St Paul Almanac has all of their stories archived online, you can search by topic (like Rondo)
Central High School Mary Beth Redmond (651)744-4900
High School for the Recording Arts The mission of HSRA is to provide youth the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma through the exploration and operation of the music business and other creative endeavors. TC Ellis
JJ Hill Gail Ross (651)293-8720
Hubbs Center for LifeLong Learning Ruth Rodriguez (651) 290-4822
Gordon Parks Eleanor Clemmons (651)744-1210
Agape School Lois Vosika-Weir (651) 744-7970
Capitol Hill Patrick Byran (651) 325-2500
Miscellaneous Resources
Springboard for the Arts Resource Center offers individual artists and small organizations access to a full array of equipment, tools, and services in an informal, self-directed environment. Stop by to scan some slides, research travel grants, learn to use Drupal, read up on resumes, or print some flyers.
yes The Friendly Streets Initiative is based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota and facilitates community organizing through creative public engagement events. We assist communities in visioning for positive change to public spaces, collect and analyze data, and help neighbors navigate city planning processes. Working on the Victoria Street Bridge and Dale Street Bridge Community organizing around issues of pedestrian and bicycling safety, "complete streets" concepts, placemaking, public art, wayfinding, green space, and other public space interests.   Kim Club, Community Organizer
The Be Heard MN youth poetry slam series is an annual competition that seeks to identify a team of six youth poets between the ages of 13-19 residing in  Minnesota  to represent the state in the annual international Brave New Voices youth poetry slam festival. Sign up here for upcoming (January/February 2016) preliminary slam events. January 22 will be at Walker West Music Academy
Neighborhood Orgs
Frogtown Neighborhood Association Founded in 1970, was originally named, and is still legally, the Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council. We are a small, not-for-profit, community-based organization serving the neighborhoods of East Midway, Frogtown, Capitol Heights, and Mt. Airy. Our efforts are focused on civic engagement and resident empowerment. We function as a neighborhood-level point of contact regarding various city processes, as well as for addressing issues identified by community residents and/or businesses. Sam Buffington
Summit University Planning Council The Planning Council works to improve the common good of the community. It promotes enlightened, active constituency by providing information and conducting forums enabling residents to address issues that affect them. In addition to community partnerships and programs that foster holistic health in our community, the Council will further advise the City of St Paul on zoning and city plans as they affect District 8. Jens Werner, Executive Director
yes The Union Park District Council is a nonprofit neighborhood association that promotes resident involvement in community issues, and ensures neighborhood voices are heard in government decision-making. Union Park is an area of Saint Paul between the Mississippi River and Lexington Avenue, and University and Summit Avenues, including Merriam Park, Snelling-Hamline, and Lexington-Hamline neighborhoods. Michael Johnson Community Organizer, Union Park District Council 651-645-6887
City Council
Dai Thao, Councilmember Ward 1: The Heart of the City Ward 1 includes the Thomas-Dale (Frogtown), Summit-University district councils/neighborhoods, the portion of the Union Park District Council that is east of Snelling Avenue, the North End Neighbhorhood, and includes the Lexington-Hamline and Snelling-Hamline communities. Ward 1 represents "the heart of Saint Paul," in terms of both geography and composition. The neighborhoods in Ward 1 comprise the City's most racially and economically diverse ward, and provide a rich tapestry of people and history. Ward 1 is home to the Saint Paul Cathedral, Golden Thyme Cafe, Penumbra Theatre, Mai Village, the Minnesota Transportation Museum and the Rondo Community Outreach Library.
St. James A.M.E.
Pilgrim Baptist
Camphor Methodist Church Rev. Gloria Roach Thomas (651) 224-0341
Grants and Funding Sources
Jerome Foundation The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. Grants for both organizations and individual artists by medium. Focused on emerging artists.
McKnight Foundation To support working artists to create and contribute to vibrant communities. Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive. Grants for both organizations and individual artists by medium.
Minnesota State Arts Board The Minnesota State Arts Board is a state agency that stimulates and encourages the creation, performance, and appreciation of the arts in the state. Grants for both organizations and individual artists by medium.
MRAC (Metropolitan Regional Arts Council) The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council increases access to the arts in 7-county metropolitan area communities by providing information, organizational support and grants. Mostly grants for organizations and projects.