Welcome to the Rondo Roundtable

The Rondo Roundtable is designed to directly address the need for greater communication between local and regional actors working in the historic Rondo geography by establishing a recurring convening where local community organizations, businesses, and government entities can better share their goals, objectives, and activities with one another. These convenings would take place as a “roundtable” where all participants would come as independent equals with Visions Merging serving as the facilitator.

This roundtable would be designed to meet the following objectives:

1)Serve as a clearinghouse of information on current and potential projects and events taking place in Summit-University, particularly those that relate to African American culture, history, or economic development

2)Provide opportunities for peer learning on topics and issues that are of common interest

3)Identify and promote opportunities for collaboration or partnership between organizations

The Roundtable would be structured as follows:

1) Quarterly gatherings that allow ample time for individual organizational updates, agenda items of shared interest and concern, and informal networking.

2) Rondo Avenue, Inc., as the flagship Rondo-based organization, serving as co-convener with ASANDC, the lead organization for the Historic Rondo District.

3) Facilitation provided by artist, organizer, and entrepreneur Brittany Lynch of Visions Merging, who has previously contracted with ASANDC on artists and community outreach efforts in the Rondo/Summit-University area.

4)A core focus on organizations and initiatives directly related to African American arts, culture, history, and development in the historic Rondo geography and their intersection with other programs, planning efforts, and development activities being led by governmental and community organizations.

The Roundtable is currently funded by the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative.


Roundtable Contacts: (last updated 5/15/16)

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Roundtable Minutes: (last updated 5/15/16)

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Upcoming Events/Opportunities: (last updated 5/15/16)

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Historic Map of Rondo:

Rondo Map by Myc Batson